How Much Coffee in an Aeropress: The Perfect Brew

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Coffee lovers around the world often find themselves constantly on the lookout for the perfect brewing method to satisfy their caffeine cravings. One option that has gained popularity and cult-like following is the Aeropress. This innovative contraption, resembling a science experiment apparatus, allows enthusiasts to brew a single serving of coffee with ease. But just how much coffee should one use in an Aeropress? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of this matter in a language that’s as relaxed as sipping on a cup of your favorite brew.

How much coffee in an Aeropress

What is an Aeropress?

An Aeropress is a popular and versatile coffee brewing device that was invented by Alan Adler in 2005. It is known for its simplicity, portability, and ability to produce a clean and flavorful cup of coffee. The Aeropress consists of two main parts – a chamber with a plunger and a filter cap. It works by creating pressure to extract the coffee flavors, similar to an espresso machine, but with a different brewing method.

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Why use an Aeropress?

The Aeropress offers several advantages for coffee enthusiasts:

1. Versatility:

The Aeropress allows you to brew various coffee styles, including espresso-style shots, Americano, and even cold brew. This versatility makes it a popular choice for both home and travel use.

2. Full Extraction:

Due to its unique brewing process, the Aeropress is known for extracting a full range of flavors from the coffee grounds. This leads to a more well-rounded and flavorful cup of coffee.

3. Quick and Easy:

The Aeropress is designed for efficiency. It typically brews a cup of coffee in under two minutes, making it a great option for busy mornings or when you need a quick caffeine boost.

4. Easy Cleanup:

Cleaning an Aeropress is a breeze. Simply remove the filter cap and push the used coffee grounds into the garbage. Rinse the chamber and plunger, and it’s ready for the next use. No need for complicated cleaning routines or coffee residue buildup.

How to brew coffee with an Aeropress:

Step 1: Prepare the Aeropress and ingredients

Start by assembling the Aeropress. Place a paper filter inside the filter cap and attach it to the chamber. Heat water to the desired brewing temperature (around 200°F or 93°C).

Step 2: Grind and measure the coffee

Grind your coffee beans to a medium-fine consistency, similar to table salt. Measure 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee, depending on your preferred strength. Adjust the amount according to taste.

Step 3: Pre-wet the filter and warm the Aeropress

Wet the paper filter with hot water to remove any papery taste and warm up the Aeropress. Discard the rinse water.

Step 4: Add coffee and water

Place the Aeropress on a sturdy mug or carafe. Add the ground coffee to the chamber. Pour a small amount of water (twice the weight of coffee) and let it bloom for 30 seconds. This allows the coffee to release its flavors.

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Step 5: Stir and add more water

After the bloom, stir the coffee gently for a few seconds to ensure even extraction. Then, slowly add the remaining water, using a circular motion. Leave a small gap at the top of the chamber to prevent overflow.

Step 6: Insert the plunger and press

Insert the plunger into the chamber, creating a seal. Apply downward pressure with a steady and controlled motion. Aim for a brew time of around 60 to 90 seconds. The resistance should be moderate, not too easy or too hard.

Step 7: Enjoy

Once you reach the desired brew time, remove the Aeropress from the mug or carafe. Unscrew the filter cap and push the plunger to eject the coffee puck into the garbage. Dilute the concentrated brew with hot water or milk, according to your taste preferences. Savor the flavorful cup of coffee brewed with your Aeropress!

Advantages of brewing with an Aeropress:

There are several advantages to using an Aeropress for your coffee brewing:

1. Portability

The compact size and lightweight design of the Aeropress make it an ideal option for travelers, campers, or anyone on the go. It easily fits into a backpack or suitcase without taking up much space.

2. Consistency

The Aeropress offers excellent consistency in terms of flavor and brew strength. By following a standardized brewing process, you can replicate your favorite cup of coffee consistently.

3. Clean Cup

The paper filter used in the Aeropress effectively removes coffee oils and sediments, resulting in a clean and smooth cup of coffee. This is particularly appealing if you prefer a less gritty texture.

4. Customizable Brewing

An Aeropress allows you to experiment and customize your brewing parameters. You can adjust the grind size, water temperature, brew time, and even the amount of water to create a perfect cup tailored to your taste.

Difference between Aeropress and other brewing methods

Brewing Method Aeropress French Press Pour Over
Brew Time 1-2 minutes 4-5 minutes 2-4 minutes
Filter Paper Metal Paper/Metal
Pressure Manual None Gravity
Portability High Medium Low
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The table above showcases some key differences between the Aeropress and other popular brewing methods like the French Press and Pour Over.

Tips for brewing with an Aeropress:

1. Use freshly roasted coffee beans

To get the best out of your Aeropress, use freshly roasted coffee beans. The freshness of the beans contributes to the overall flavor and aroma of the brewed coffee.

2. Experiment with different brewing parameters

Don’t be afraid to try different grind sizes, water temperatures, and brew times. The Aeropress is highly versatile, and by experimenting, you can fine-tune your preferred brewing style.

3. Invert brewing method

For a bolder and more concentrated brew, consider using the inverted brewing method. This involves placing the plunger in the chamber, adding coffee and water, allowing it to steep, and then pressing.

4. Rinse the paper filter

Running hot water through the paper filter before brewing removes any paper taste and ensures cleaner flavors in your cup of coffee.


In conclusion, the Aeropress is a fantastic coffee brewing device, offering versatility, ease of use, and a clean cup of coffee. By following the recommended brewing steps and experimenting with different parameters, you can enjoy a flavorful and customized coffee experience. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast at home or a traveler on the go, the Aeropress is a must-have for your brewing arsenal.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How much coffee should I use in an AeroPress?

The amount of coffee to use in an AeroPress depends on personal preference and the strength of the desired brew. However, a general guideline is to use approximately 15-18 grams of coffee per 250 ml (8 oz) of water.

Q2: Can I adjust the coffee-to-water ratio for a stronger or milder brew?

Absolutely! The great thing about the AeroPress is its versatility and ability to customize your coffee. To achieve a stronger brew, you can increase the coffee-to-water ratio by adding more coffee grounds or reducing the water amount. Conversely, for a milder cup, decrease the coffee grounds or increase the water amount.

Q3: How does the grind size of the coffee affect the brewing process in an AeroPress?

The grind size of the coffee can greatly impact the taste and extraction when brewing with an AeroPress. Generally, a finer grind produces a stronger and more intense flavor, while a coarser grind yields a lighter and milder taste. It is recommended to experiment with different grind sizes to find your preferred balance of strength and flavor.

Q4: Should I stir the coffee during the brewing process in an AeroPress?

Yes, stirring the coffee grounds during the brewing process is an essential step to achieve an evenly extracted cup of coffee. After pouring hot water into the AeroPress, gently stir the coffee grounds for about 10-15 seconds to ensure all the grounds are thoroughly saturated and combined with water.

Q5: Can I use pre-ground coffee or should I grind beans fresh for AeroPress?

While grinding coffee beans fresh is generally recommended for a fresher taste, pre-ground coffee can also be used in an AeroPress. However, it is important to use a grind size suitable for AeroPress, which is slightly finer than a medium grind. Experimenting with different coffee sources and grind sizes will help you find the taste that suits your preferences.

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